we are bunch of
talented, exprienced
and fun folks

Visual Artists Collective

  • Michael Sato
    Michael Sato CEO / Owner
  • Phil Holladay
    Phil Holladay Videographer
  • Scotty McCaughern
    Scotty McCaughern Videographer / Editor
  • Ryan Trinidad
    Ryan Trinidad Photographer
  • EMM
    EMM Videographer
  • Roland Posadas
    Roland Posadas Producer/Editor
  • Kelly Lair
    Kelly Lair Editor
  • Mark Medina
    Mark Medina Cinematographer
  • Helen Driftmier
    Helen Driftmier Writter
  • Vohn Dumdumiya
    Vohn Dumdumiya Cinematographer

our clients

We are proud to work with these valuable clients